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I created these tags with the intentions of printing them out and framing them. I haven’t done it yet, but I know it will work because I’ve framed other projects that I created. Maybe you will be inspired to use them in your projects.

From Photos to Art: My Home, Sweet Home

Home is a shelter from the storms of life, but only if love lives there.

Our house is just a house. Nothing big and fancy; it doesn’t even have a garage. But it’s home. It’s old, its falling apart, and the yard work is sometimes too much for us to handle. But, it’s home. Sometimes hubby and I get mad and argue. Sometimes I threaten to leave and never come back. But we always kiss and make up. We always forgive and forget. Well, he does. Sometimes I don’t bury the hatchet very deep. The point is, we love each other. We stand by each other. He protects me and makes me feel safe and I’d fight a grizzly bear for him. That’s why we’ve been married forty-nine years. That’s why we’ll be married another forty-nine years if we live long enough; which I seriously doubt. But my point is, no matter how big and magnificent your home may be, if love doesn’t live there, it’s not a home at all. It’s just a fancy place to live.

I hope you enjoy my creations and that you won’t hesitate to use them for your own projects. One of my scrapbooking friends used my art work, made several greeting cards and gave them to me. As a gift, I shared them with my family and friends. There’s just something special about giving and receiving homemade gifts.

Picture Tubes: Cows

Proverbs 27:12
The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

Larry was my first crush, a real cutie with long, skinny legs, baby blue eyes and neatly trimmed platinum hair. So what if I was only in the second grade, I was in love.

He lived on a big farm near us, so I talked my brothers into walking with me through the woods to go see him. We should have turned back and went home when he didn’t answer our calls. But we were stupid.

Finally reaching our destination, we crawled under the barbed wire fence and began petting the cows that were poking their heads through the barn windows. The angus bulls were tiny black specks on a far away hill, so we felt smugly confident that they couldn’t see us. I didn’t feel right however, invading someone else’s property, but it wasn’t like we were going to steal a cow or anything.

It seemed that only moments had passed when my youngest brother yelled, “Look behind us!” Kenny and I jerked around and there stood the biggest, meanest, blackest creatures we’ve ever seen or ever hope to see up close again. I was only seven, never been kissed and now I’m gonna die!

Frantic and not knowing which way to run, Leonard shouted, “Quick! Crawl under the fence!” And like the three little pigs running from the big bad wolf, we cried wee, wee, wee all the way home!

Did we ever go looking for Larry again? NOPE!

As for the picture tubes, I am not the creator of the images, I am just the tuber. If you see anything that belongs to you, tell me and I will gladly remove it.

Picture Tubes: Chickens and Roosters

Image source: Free Public Domain
Other source: My art

So, my brother loved chasing the hens, picking up whichever one surrendered first and petting it like a cute little puppy. The old rooster loved the hens, too but not in the same way my six-year-old brother loved them. So one sunny afternoon as Kenny chased his favorite hen, out of nowhere came that rooster from hell, jumped on Kenny’s back and began pecking his head like a jack hammer. Kenny screamed bloody murder, my mother came running out of the house with a broom, and I stood paralyzed watching as mom nearly beat my brother to death before the rooster finally flew off his back! Whatever happened to good entertainment these days?

Tags: Wagons and Wagon Wheels

Image source: Free Public Domain

We’ve become a nation of indoor cats, he’d said. A nation of doubters, worriers, overthinkers. Thank God these weren’t the kind of Americans who settled this country. They were a different breed! They crossed the country in wagons with wooden wheels! People croaked along the way, and they barely stopped. Back then, you buried your dead and kept moving. Dave Eggers